An Introduction To Micro Caravans

Published: 26th October 2010
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Depending on your age, you may remember a product in the 70s/80s called micro caravans. Usually towed behind a VW Kombi, these tiny caravans are starting to gain popularity again.

Definitely one of the coolest inventions to come out of the 80's, micro caravans are tiny hard-bodied caravans that basically only have enough room for a bed and a tiny bit of storage at one end.

These basic mobile homes are perfect for a couple as long as they are only planning on using it for a couple of days - because it can become quite cramped.

The benefits of a micro caravan is that they are small and aerodynamic.

They are specifically designed into a teardrop shape, so that they provide an effective slip stream, which will hopefully help lower your fuel consumption, making for a cheap trip all around.

While they are small, they still have quite a lot of room for storage! A lot of micro caravans come with a storage flap on the outside that opens up to a kitchenette with some cupboards - leaving all the room inside for sleeping.

Very similar to the tear drop camper trailer, a lot of people will consider them too small for their liking. So shopping around and doing your research is definitely important, because you want to make sure that you get the right camper trailer for your needs.

While micro caravans are perfectly suited for singles and couples. If you are traveling with a family, it is best to look for another mode of mobile accommodation.

There are a range of options when looking at camper trailers for sale. one that may interest you is the pop up caravan.

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